MF-2250L USB 5V Warming Booties with Carbon Fiber Heating Elements (L: #45 fits foot 41 to 45)


– Powered by 5V low-voltage USB outlet

– Use the latest carbon fiber heating technology

– Gently warm up, depending on the ambient temperature, accumulated heating time, and output power of USB device connected. It takes 10 to 15 minutes to make you feel warm, longer heating accumulate more warmness.

– With AC 110V-230V to DC 5V, 2A USB adapter for steady and better heating, adapter included

– Removable heating elements and hand washable booties

– Designed to allow mobility during use

– Detachable USB from laptops, PCs, and powerbanks for convenient movement

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The foot warmers apply the latest heating elements technology, Carbon Fiber, which needs only 5V to heat up. They can be powered by an USB cable and an adaptor. Or, with a power bank (1A output), you’re “on-the-go” in the warmers.

Same as a heater in your home, the warming booties take some time to heat up. It is recommended to heat up the booties 15 minutes before use, and then you will experience cozy warmth when you put your feet in the booties. 

Product Specification
Shoe Size :
M: #40 (fits foot 37 to 40)
L: #45 (fits foot 41 to 45)
Color :
Material :
Velour and carbon fiber heating elements
Working Power :
DC 5V, 1A USB Power
Current/ Watts :
The length of USB cable 160 cm/ 63 inches