MH-1400 Heated Nape/Neck Wrap with Carbon Fiber Heating Element


– Powered by 12V adapter with CE, GS, UL approvals

– Uses the latest carbon fiber heating technology

– 2 Temperature Settings: Low-gentle warm up, High-instant heat

– Heating temperature up to 125°F/ 52°C

– Focused heat on neck and nape to soothe stress and strain

– Velcro closures ensure consistent therapy

– Detachable power cord for convenience

– Integrated thermostat for protection against overheating

– Adapter with CE, GS, and UL approvals

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The 12V Heated Nape/Neck Wrap is the perfect solution for a neck strain, and the tension headaches that often accompany neck strain. Carbon Fiber heating technology allows for optimal heating and warmth retention. Designed for versatility and steady therapy, it provides targeted therapeutic heat and is easily secured for added convenience.
Product Specifications
Dimensions :
67 x 20 cm / 26 x 8 inches
Color :
Material :
Velour and carbon fiber heating element
Input Power for Adapter :
AC 110-230V, 50Hz-60Hz
Output Power for Adapter :
AC 12V, 2A
Current/ Watts :