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ObboMed is a “one-stop-shop” for all your health, wellness, daily necessities, beauty, travel and medical products. We provide a range of products that are completely pocket-friendly and astonishingly durable. Whether you’re a dedicated caregiver, a patient or simply interested in healthy living, ObboMed has all your needs covered. We are highly professional and deliver dedicated customer service center, global infrastructure, rigorous quality control procedures, and a passion for health that keeps us innovative and at your service.

Our expert and dynamic team at ObboMed ensure that our products comply with applicable safety requirements and standards, and substantiate specific claims regarding product performance. Sports, fitness, wellness, beauty, travel and leisure equipment testing puts a product through a series of rigorous tests to ensure it can withstand its intended use. We thoroughly go through all our products before the launch of it on our website. Our focus lies on making your daily life a little better by providing you the best in class products alongside keeping the quality and pocket in mind.

The products at ObboMed are designed and manufactured by trusted manufacturers in the following categories:

  • Mobility
  • Daily Living Aids
  • Wellness
  • Pillows and Cushions
  • Beauty
  • Orthopedics & Orthotics
  • Optional Adapters
  • Physiotherapy Aids

H2 daily living in Australia

Our extensive and high quality control ensures utmost durability, reliability, accuracy, and compliance with international regulations and standards. Apart from providing the best health care aids for daily living in Australia all our products, equipment and medical devices carry CE, RoHS  and TGA approval.

Our Dynamic and Caring Family

The care and concern we have for you at ObboMed, is led by a great team of caring experts. Like anything in life that is of value, it takes a team or a family of us to bring ObboMed, the best wellness center to you. We all work as a family and each and every family member works marvelously to present the most extensive equipment and supplies to you.

The Manufacturing Journey:
We have been in the Health, Wellness and Medical product manufacturing industry for 25 years. It is this experience that ensures that we constantly offer innovation, quality, and products that are tailored to the end-user and the prime endeavor always remains the user.

Our Trusted manufacturing partners:
Our partners are chosen for their experience and infallible qualities. They are put through professional quality inspections and must meet the highest international standards to provide the best products to the users.

Our I.T. and Web Development team:
Our incredibly hardworking team works throughout night and day to ensure that your online experience is smooth, relaxing, comforting and completely problem free.

A Global infrastructure:
With our global network of warehouses, supremely talented acquaintances and shipping partners we ensure you a quick, fast and secure delivery of any product, anywhere and at any time.

Your Very Own Customer Service Center:
We have a dedicated and supportive customer service center that can handle all of your needs smoothly and efficiently. At ObboMed, for us no query or complaint is too small, whether online, via email or by phone, our customer service team is always there to help you. We welcome your suggestions and they are what keep us innovative and appreciate us to design products that meet your needs.

Thorough Research and Innovation:
Our R&D team is constantly working hard to bring you absolutely new, innovative products and is ever on the lookout for new technologies as well.

Major categories that we offer as of now:

H3 Aged Care Equipment Products With best Equipments

Some injuries cause pains even after years of the incident and getting the comfort and support for that particular injury is what we all need at that time. ObboMed is the best online store that provides health care and daily aids in Australia. Our prime endeavour is to ease up your life with our durable, handy and comfortable equipment.

Sports and Physical – Physio:
Physical fitness is very essential and crucial to each and everyone, the products we offer at ObboMed are absolutely excellent in their quality and are enhanced as per user needs. Through our complete selection of high-quality fitness and sports equipment, including balls, jump ropes, and bean bags, knee caps, heating pads and much more we are able to help the fitness and sports enthusiasts to engage and energize themselves from within to get active today and sustain a healthy lifestyle tomorrow.
To enjoy your favourite sports, exercises, outdoor and indoor activities, you need to have the right kind of equipment that we offer at ObboMed. You can browse across an assortment of sports gear and accessories like backpacks, equipment bags and racks, bottles, gloves and lots more and buy online the sports gear of your choice from the best equipment shop in Australia.

Wellness and Travel:
We are there to help you travel as much as you can, as far as you can and for as long as you can. The wanderlust in us often makes us go away to far off lands and explore new places. When it comes to travelling, we book tickets, pack our bags and head off to have the time of our life. However, most of us overlook the fact that we need to carry certain travel accessories and necessities to make our journey comfortable and free of danger. We often forget to take certain items and end up searching them all the way.
But don’t worry ObboMed the best travel gear brand in Australia is here to provide you all the essential items to be added in your carry-on bags. Ranging from cooling eye masks, inflatable neck cushions to lumbar travel pillows.

Our Best Sellers

PRODUCT NAME: Reusable Hot & Cold Compress Gel Ice Pack

Product details :
– Large sized gel pad fits multiple purposes. Provide instant pain relief, tension relaxation and physical recovery.

– Ideal for alleviating skin inflammation, hangover, headaches, fever, sports / workout injuries, swelling, muscle strains, post-surgery / operation, soreness, stiffness, and body aches.

–  Suitable for both hot and cold therapy. User-friendly, cool it in a freezer for 2 hours or heat it up in a microwave for 1 minute or in boiling-hot water for 10 minutes before use.

– Large size reusable bags applied to all body areas. Nylon cover and non-toxic silica gel. Unscented, for external multi-use.

– First aid essential for a grab-and-go from home, office, or car. Light-weighted and handy indoor / outdoor use.

– Up to 30 minutes treatment of soothing chill or warm comfort. 100% no-risk satisfaction money-back guarantee.

PRODUCT NAME: ObboMed AeroSeat, Air Flow Seat Cushion

Product details:

– Small air vents at the seat and back provide better air circulation for the body

– Maintains user environment (heating/AC)

– Fits most automobile driver and passenger seats

– 12V car plug with 3 point HIGH-OFF-LOW switch and LED Power indicator

– Low noise internal fan for air circulation

– Optional AC 110V-230V to DC 12V, 1A adapter for home use (not included)

PRODUCT NAME: Inflatable Portable Ring Donut Seat Pillow Cushion, Relieves Pain, Tailbone and Coccyx (15″)

Product details:
– Inflatable and portable donut seat folds compactly for convenient storage and carrying during travel.

– Provides support and pressure relief on coccyx and lower back when sitting for prolonged sitting.

– Ring shape design helps distribute body weight evenly and alleviate the pain and discomfort. (Max. weight capacity is 300 lbs.)

– Ergonomically contour to hip shape for maximum comfort; made of durable PVC with velour surface for comfy touch.

– Easy to inflate to the desired level of firmness.