About Us

ObboMed is your only “one stop shop” for all your health, wellness and medical products. Whether you’re a dedicated caregiver, a patient or simply interested in healthy living, ObboMed has all your needs covered. We have a full range of products suited for any budget, a professional and dedicated customer service center, global infrastructure, rigorous quality control procedures, and a passion for health that keeps us innovative and at your service.

Our Products
ObboMed designs manufacture or supplies products from trusted manufacturers in the following categories:
●   Mobility
●   Wellness
●   Beauty
Our extensive quality control ensures durability, accuracy, and compliance with international regulations and standards. And all of our medical devices carry CE, RoHS  and TGA approval.
Our Family
Like anything in life that is of value, it takes a team or a family of us to bring ObboMed to you. No one part is more important and all have their roles to play.
Manufacturing: We have been in the Health and Medical product manufacturing industry for 25 years. It is this experience that ensures we constantly offer innovation, quality, and products that are tailored to the end user.
Our Trusted manufacturing partners: Our partners are chosen for their experience and infallible quality. They are put through professional quality inspections and must meet the highest international standards.
I.T. and Web Development team: Works night and day to ensure that your online experience is smooth relaxing and problem free.
Global infrastructure: With our global network of warehouses and shipping partners we can ensure fast and secure delivery of any product anywhere.
Customer service:  We have a dedicated customer service center that can handle all of your needs smoothly and efficiently. No query is too small, whether online, via email or by phone, our customer service team is there to help you. We welcome your suggestions they are what keep us innovative and designing product that meet your needs.
Research and innovation: Our R&D team is constantly working to bring you new innovative products and is ever on the lookout for new technologies.