Washable Reusable Terry Incontinence Waterproof Mattress protector cover(Double)


– Perfect moisture protection for mattress

– Breathable absorbent terry surface (80% cotton/ 20% polyester)

– With 2 inner layers, one Waterproof PU membrane lining, breathable and noiseless

– The extra thin sheet will not change the touch of the mattress

– Easy mounting and fits for almost all types of matress

– Protects against fluids, urine, sweat and blood

– Extend durability of matress and at same time protect against dust mites, allergens and mold

– Great for homes with kids, pets, and incontinence needs

– Machine washable up to 95°C and reusable

– Latex free

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The Obbomed Mattress Protection Cover protects your mattress from allergens, fluids, and mites. The cover is composed of two layers. The external layer is terrycloth, which is water- absorbent and breathable for a comfortable sleep while the internal layer is PU membrane, which is water-resistant. The combination of the two fabrics brings you dry and fresh sleeping experience. The ultra-thin fabric will neither influence the touch of the mattress nor create noisy sounds. Fits twin, full, queen, and king-sized mattresses.

Product Specifications
MC-5601 Single: 100 x 200 cm/ 39 × 78 inches
MC-5602 Double/ Full: 140 x 200 cm/ 55 × 78 inches
MC-5603 Queen: 160 x 200 cm/ 60 × 78 inches
MC-5604 King: 180 x 200 cm/ 70 × 78 inches
MC-5605 US King: 193 x 203 cm/ 76 × 80 inches
Color :
Material :
Top: 0.142 mm, 130gsm Terry cloth(80% cotton & 20% polyester)
Back: 0.015mm, polyurethane
Skirt: 0.081 mm, 50gsm Polyester Mesh
Item Weight :
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Weight 500 g
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 5 cm