SH-4190 Obbomed Carbon Fiber Retrofit Seat Heater For Front Seats – Driver & Passenger Complete Set


– Retrofit installation kit comes with seat and back pads for driver and passenger

– Even heating and retention via carbon fibers

– Integrated thermostat protects from overheating

– Temperature control via linear switch

– Carbon heating elements cut to accommodate seat size prior to installation

– For car front seats with removable seat covers

– 2 sets of carbon heating elements, ready-made cable set with relay and 2 linear switches (Dashboard mountable switch)

– Providing warmth and comfort while driving.

– Working power from 30W to 80W per set (2 set total 160W)

– Same system as a factory-installed seat heater.

– Dimension of heating elements: 60 x 28 cm/ 23.6 x 11 inches

– Connection to 12V vehicle voltage

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The ObboMed Carbon Fiber Retrofit Seat Heater – Driver/Passenger Complete Set: Is comprised of High-quality carbon heating elements, cut to size for both the seat and backrest. Placed between the upholstery and the seat cover they offer soothing comfort without altering the shape of seat or back. Compatible with ANY vehicle seat with removable covers. They are the true definition of comfort whilst providing warmth against any chill. ELECTRICAL EXPERIENCE NOT REQUIRED, BUT IT IS HELPFUL. 1-Year Warranty.

Product Specifications
Dimensions :
Seat & Back: 60 x 28 cm/ 23.6 x 11 inches
Color :
Material :
Carbon Fiber
Input Power :
Current/ Watts :
60W to 160W (2 set x 30W to 80W ), 12A

Additional information

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 28 × 22 × 12 cm